Alternative Data is untapped Oil

Updated: Apr 10, 2020

The biggest opportunity for companies and investors in this decade comes from the signals buried in the data generated by the digital economy. Alternative data is the deepest, least utilised prime source in the world today. The use and the analysis of alternative data drives unique insights and actions for businesses beyond those that regular data sources are capable of providing. Alternative data can therefore be a very important competitive differentiator

The term "Alternative data" refers to proxy metrics or information originating from unofficial or non-company sources that individuals can use to gain insight into their research on competition and market. Such information can be the difference between making a profitable and unprofitable bet.

Of the several "Alternative Data" datasets (Satellite, sensor, search, social, pricing, weather, geo-location, image, public record, consumer transaction and web), web data is by far the biggest in terms of size, the most diverse in terms of subject matter and therefore has the widest application to businesses of all kinds. The scale and diversity of the data on the web means that one can research deep about industry, competition, and customers, and can know it instantaneously.

Using web data it is possible to create a dataset that is unique and highly relevant to business. When combined with internal private dataset, it can answer questions that simply could not be answered previously.

CompX sources, validates, aggregates, productise and deliver Alternative Data. CompX provides good, meaningful data that companies seek which is unique to them, tells a story, and is timely and specific.

CompX Source:

CompX discovery infrastructure delivers us hundreds of data opportunities every month. Our platform has become a magnet for data assets that have never been exposed to private companies.


CompX data science team, empowered by proprietary technology and domain expertise, assesses every dataset we find for predictive power, reliability and compliance. The very best of these datasets are added to our platform.


Rich insights on curated data are derived by our expert team. Every nuggets of information are stored and analysed to expand the knowledge horizon.


Both the raw data and insights are structured and packaged for consumption by our customers.

Organization, documentation, expert support and quality control are paramount.


We offer institutional-grade reliability and deliver data in formats preferred by our customers.

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