Terms and Conditions


Account means the right of a single employee at your Subscribing Organisation to access the CompX Platform with a username and password;

Additional Features means any features that are included on the CompX Platform, at your request, as part of your Subscription;

CompX Data means any information acquired through use of the CompX Platform, including, but not limited to, data which is exported, downloaded, read, or screenshotted;

CompX Platform means the paid web-based platform constructed, managed and maintained by CompX;

Business Day means a day when banks are open for business in the City of London;

Claim has the meaning given such term in paragraph 14.4;

Event Outside Our Control has the meaning given such term in paragraph 17.2;

Data Policy means the separate data policy which explains Your right to use CompX Data, which with these Terms forms part of Your Subscription Order;

Data Usage Tier means the level of data usage rights that you access to as part of your Subscription, as detailed in the Data Policy;

Expiry Date has the meaning given such term in paragraph 8.2;

Export Allowance is the total number of Export Credits (specified in the Subscription Order) which may be used collectively over the course of a single calendar month by all the Users in your Subscription;

Export Credit means a credit used in the downloading of data from the CompX platform. The number of Export Credits required to download each item of data may vary from time to time;

Fee(s) means our charges for your Subscription, pursuant to your Subscription Summary;

Fixed Term Subscription has the meaning given such term in paragraph 8.1;

Payment Method means the way that you will pay your Fees and is outlined in the Subscription Summary. Terms pertaining to the Payment Method can be found in paragraphs 7.4, 7.5, and 8.3

Period has the meaning given such term in paragraph 7.1;

Publish means to make CompX Data available for repeated view to individuals who are not a User on your Subscription and are from more than one organisation. For the sake of clarity, this can be in the form of, but is not limited to, an email, a presentation, a printed document, or an internet message including but not limited to posting on a blog, social media posts or similar;

Renewal Date has the meaning given such term in paragraph 7.2;

Rolling Subscription has the meaning given such term in paragraph 7.1;

Start Date means the date that your Subscription commences, as outlined on your Subscription Summary. This is when you first receive access to the CompX Platform;

Subscribing Organisation means the business signing up for a Subscription, as detailed in the Subscription Summary;

Subscription means the right of your Users to use the CompX Platform, as dictated by the conditions in your Subscription Order;

Subscription Order means the combination of the Subscription Summary, these Terms, and the Data Policy, which grants you a Subscription;

Subscription Summary is part of the Subscription Order and comprises the name of the Subscribing Organisation, the Subscription Type, the Fee, the Period, the Export Allowance, the number of Accounts, and any other conditions upon which we grant a Subscription to you;

Subscription Type means the kind of Subscription that you are signing up to – either Rolling Subscription or Fixed Term Subscription – and is detailed in the Subscription Summary;

Special Conditions mean any additional conditions included in the Subscription Summary;

Terms means these legal terms and conditions;

User means any individual at your Subscribing Organisation who holds or formerly held an Account;

we or us has the meaning given in paragraph 2.1, and our shall be construed accordingly;

Web Site means CompX.io;

You or your means the Subscribing Organisation.